Magnetic Name Tags: A Convenient Way To Introduce Yourself  rare earth magnets


Magnetic Tags are a Preferable Choice over Pin-back Tags – Your name gives you your personal identity so to speak. In many work situations, name badges or tags are required in order to identify employees as well as, in certain instances, put customers at ease.

Most people use pin-back name tag badges in order to identify themselves in a company or to establish a rapport with customers. These types of I.D.s are used in most situations because people don’t know there are other, better alternatives, such as magnetic name tags. Metal or plastic magnetic name tags are convenient to use and preferred over pin-backs because they don’t puncture holes or produce snags in one’s clothing.

Where you Can Use Magnetic Tags

Magnetic tags therefore can be used in most situations where some form of identity is necessary. These types of tags or badges can be used to:

  • Gain access into events or secured facilities  magnets for sale
  • As personal identification in work settings
  • As an identifier for anyone attending a convention or seminar

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Metal Tags

If you do choose magnetic tags, you may want to make the choice for those made of metal. When badges are made of metal, such as steel or brass, businesses are often perceived as being more professional. These kinds of badges, too, are invariably stronger than metal name tags or badges that are affixed to clothing with pins. Not only that, they are easier to read as well. The tag is attached with a removable magnetic bar, which goes inside, say, a shirt or jacket, while the tag is placed in front. The two pieces then are simply snapped into place.

Other Types of Magnetic Tags

Magnetized badges can also be laser engraved, which really upgrades the look of the tag. Digitally printed name badges are good selections if you wish to include a logo or various color combinations.  For conventions, magnetized badges made of acrylic are often used with card inserts for economy and reuse.

Name Tags are Good for Business

Your name is the brand you are assigned in life – it identifies you as an individual. Therefore, a name tag recognizes this fact. As a result, name tags, as a whole, can also contribute to how a business is received by people in a community. We’d have a rather hard time shopping in retail stores or groceries if we couldn’t identify the employees meant to help us. Name tags then make us more comfortable about asking for assistance. Likewise, it might be a little bit difficult to mingle at a convention if no one was assigned a badge to wear. Name tags make socializing easier as they act as tacit and effective introductions in a number of business and social settings.

Use Magnetic Tags instead of Pin-backs

Therefore, if you are currently a retailer in need of name tags for your employees or an event planner who must buy badges for an event, you’ll want to check out the magnetic tags and badges offered online. If you want durable a product that won’t tear or snag apparel and also presents a professional appearance, then magnetic badges should be on the top of your list if you’re buying name tags. Look online today. You’ll find an extensive selection.

Reusable Magnetic Name Tags Are An Economical Way To Draw Customers  rare earth magnets

Magnetic Tags – Economical and Long-lasting – If you manage a retail establishment, then you know the importance of magnetic name tags.

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For reducing costs too, you’ll like the reusable magnetic name tags or magnetic name badges that are offered online. These handy tags are preferred over name tags or badges which are attached with pins as they won’t puncture holes in clothing or cause any possible tears.

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Acrylic and Metal Tags

Magnetic backing for name tags can be provided for badges made of acrylic or metal. Acrylic badges, which are less expensive than brass or steel badges, are great for major events or seminars with a large amount of attendees. These types of badges often come with card inserts that are removable and therefore can be used time and again. Acrylic magnetic tags are frequently used in retail settings and in dining establishments too. Metal tags are designed for upscale and corporate settings and convey a more professional appearance.

A Good Name Tag to Use in Healthcare Facilities

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In healthcare settings, employees must wear name tags. Many people in this field like the convenience of using magnetic-type tags. They affix to clothing without the worry, as mentioned, of small rips or snags, and are not misplaced as often as lanyard-type tags. Magnetic tags are readable as well as attractive. When you wear the tags, you simply place the magnetic strip of the tag on the inside of your jacket or shirt and snap it in place with the tag located on the front.

Magnetic Tags are more Practical than Tags with Pin-backs

Magnetic tags are used as well in companies with a great deal of highly-guarded information. They are sturdy tags that do not need to be replaced as often as pin-backs, which can easily break or be forgotten in the laundry. If you are concerned about supplying your organization, restaurant or store with tags for your employees, then take a look at the magnetic tags online.


Tags for Visitors  rare earth magnets

You might also consider magnetic tags with removable inserts for anyone who comes to see you at the office. Or, maybe, choose some standard tags that are engraved with the words “Visitor” or “Guest.” Not only are such tags good for security, they make your business guests and clients feel more welcome. With visitor tags, no one looks out of place, so to speak. Buy a supply of magnetic badges and keep them in the reception area for this purpose. You may want to delineate the tags by color-coding them with respect to department. Therefore, if you have a guest, say, who is visiting a manager in “Financial Planning,” you might give them a green tag. If the guest is seeing someone in “Marketing,” the tag might be colored, for instance, in blue.

Name Tags are a “Must-have” Item Today

It just doesn’t make sense in this day of “branding,” that you don’t use name tags. They are not only good for security, they just make plain good business sense too.

Magnetic Name Tags for Clothes Are Better Than Pinback Tags

Keep your Clothing Pristine – Wear a Magnetic Tag – If you don’t want a tag that will cause small rips or tears in your clothes or that can be easily forgotten on a garment that’s ready to wash, then you might want to consider using magnetic name tags.


Magnetic name tags for clothes are better than pin-back tags as they don’t puncture fabrics and cause, as stated, ensuing rips or tears. In addition, the name tag labels with a magnetic strip stay in place better when attached to a jacket or shirt. Pin-back tags can droop at times, making the idea of wearing a name tag rather moot and pointless. magnets


A More Feasible Choice – The Magnetic Tag

In many healthcare facilities, employees become disgruntled when wearing pin-back tags as they can get in the way when the employee, say, is moving a patient. As some of the designs are rather unattractive, employees, in some situations, “forget” to wear their tags. While lanyard tags, for instance, won’t rip material, they too can be more easily lost than magnetic-type tags. If you want to obtain tags for your employees that are attractive, stay in place and will not snag clothing, then your best option by far is to opt for the magnetic kinds of name tags for clothes.

Plastic Magnetic Tags


Usually magnetic tags are designed from plastic or metal materials. Plastic tags are generally made from an acrylic resin which can be printed digitally or engraved via a laser. Typically, if digital printing is used, the plastic will be white. Laser-engraved tags are normally two colors—the letters one shade and the background another color. You can buy plastic tags in various sizes and designs.

 Magnetic Tags  magnets

Most metal tags are made of stainless steel, aluminum or brass. If tags are made of aluminum, they will often be brushed in bronze, gold, white or silver. Metal tags usually have rounded edges for a more professional appearance. You can buy metal tags which are engraved or printed digitally. Digital printing is a great choice if you’re including a logo on your name tag. Metal tags are generally rectangular in shape.

Convey Goodwill – Wear a Name Tag

Name tags are essential items in any business setting. In restaurants, for instance, customers can immediately identify employees for assistance, thereby making for better communication and goodwill. They are also useful identifiers in retail settings. Otherwise, without name tags, you might ask for assistance from a customer instead of an actual employee. Naturally, you don’t want your valued customers to feel uncomfortable about knowing who to ask for service.

Name Tags in the Office

In office settings, name tags serve to reinforce day-to-day communications. For instance, if you work in a large office, such as a governmental facility, it might be hard to determine with whom to communicate or address without the use of some type of identification. Therefore, name tags are necessary to keep communications flowing and maintain a sense of solidity and organization in the workplace.  magnets

A Key to Good Communication

Look online at the types of badges and tags offered. Although a small item, a name tag is fundamental to maintaining good communications.

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